Welcome to the Convoys Wharf website. Convoys Wharf, once at the heart of Deptford, is now a 16.6ha derelict brown field site. With almost 500m of river frontage, Convoys Wharf will again play a central role in Deptford by re-establishing a sense of place and identity that is unique to this part of London.

The site is owned by Hutchison Property Group which received outline planning consent for a major mixed use development in 2015 that will provide thousands of new homes and jobs to the area.

Over the coming years we will be preparing detailed plans for the first phases of the development and consult with the local community as we move forward.

Our Vision

Convoys Wharf will create a new vibrant waterfront, with cultural and commercial life alongside a high quality living environment.

The development will link to and enhance the existing High Street and historic town centre of Deptford, providing new employment opportunities, building on the already established and flourishing creative industries in the area and celebrate the unique history of the site.

Suggest ideas for the potential names for the new streets, buildings and public places.

Sayes Court Park Playground is set to benefit from a £148,000 improvement thanks to the Convoys Wharf regeneration scheme.

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Latest news from McGee, our Principal Contractor for preparatory works for Plot 08.